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Write A Book to Market Your Business

Did you know that writing a book is one of the best marketing tools for your business? Writing a book indicates that you are a thought leader in your industry, and this puts your business in a league of its own. It separates you from your competitors and distributes your knowledge and your reputation far and wide.

In addition to making money from the sales of your book, writing a book lets your potential clients know that you are an expert in your field. Think about books that you have read that have been written by your favourite business leaders. Would you want to be a client of theirs? Sure you would, because you trust in their abilities. So, what’s stopping you from doing the same?

Whether you have written a book before, or this is your first book, you will be embarking on something magical. Putting your thoughts, experiences, expertise or personal story onto paper for the world to see is a very real and raw experience. It requires discipline, loads of creativity and most importantly, commitment. However, it is also an incredible accomplishment, and a life event that you will never regret.

Please do not start this journey doubting yourself. Everyone has a story inside of them! Sometimes, more than one story….

As you begin this journey, it is important that you start with your ‘why’. Here are some questions for you to brainstorm around. These questions will give you a sense of direction as to what you want to say in your book and what your ultimate goal is when you put pen to paper.

  • Why have you chosen to write a book?

  • Have you written a book before?

  • Why do you think that this first (or next) book will help you establish credibility with others?

  • Is this story about the success that you have achieved in your business and/or personal life?

  • Do you want inspire others to overcome obstacles and to achieve their goals through your story?

  • Have you overcome illness, an event, or a life-threatening situation and want to inspire people in similar circumstances?

  • Do you want to entertain and/or educate others with your professional and personal story?

  • What information/advice/services do you want to share in your book?

  • Do you want the reader to make contact with you after reading your book for further services/advice/ information?

Writing a book to accelerate your business reputation is a great marketing tool! Make sure that you commit to the process and know your ‘why’. This will keep you on track throughout the book writing journey. A journey that will take your business to the next level!


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